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DigITA4good is a Lab promoted by the Center on “Governance and Organization of Public Administrations – University of Pavia”, having a core activity in the healthcare sector, and led by prof. P. Previtali. See also: EMMLOS

Covid-19 Data-Driven Task Force | Ministry of Innovation

A key project focused on COVID-19 developed by our Lab is in collaboration with the data-driven task force for this emergency, created by the Ministry of Innovation of Italy. We work in the group “Web Data and socio-economic impact”, led by S. Denicolai (‘DigITA4good’ coordinator), W. Quattrociocchi and A. Lacalamita.

About Us

DigITA4good Lab's research focuses on the use of digital technologies and data streams for emergency response and sustainable development.

We use digital technologies and analyze digital data streams to find solutions for emergency events and sustainable development. We put special attention to multiple dimensions of biodiversity (e.g. cultural, social, skills, environmental resources). Our work helps decision-makers responding to unpredicted events like diseases spread, natural disasters, etc.

We partner with companies to derive data-driven insights on the socio-economic impact of such unpredictable events. Our international research team is based at the University of Pavia and embraces scholars from institutes such as Harvard Business School or Oxford Big Data Institute.

Mobility and Covid-19 Infections Dashboard

Dashboard built for the Italian Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digitalization, based on the data from Facebook Disease Prevention Maps and Italian Civic Protection Department.

Our Team


  • Simone Vicoli, Microsoft
  • Alessandro La Volpe, IBM
  • Matteo Flora, The Fool
  • Roberto Ascione, Healthware
  • Diego Ciulli, Google Italia
  • Gabriele Piccoli, LSU, UniPV
  • Massimiliano Baga, Gruppo UBI Banca


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